Online Outdoor Burning Permit Application 
for the State of Tennessee
Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry 

Apply for a Burn Permit.
Careless debris burning is a major cause of wildland fires. Please exercise extreme caution while doing outdoor burning.
  • Avoid burning when weather is dry and windy.
  • Establish wide control lines down to bare mineral soil at least five feet wide around any burn barrels and even wider around brush piles and other piled debris to be burned. The larger the debris pile, the wider the control line needed to ensure that burning materials won’t be blown or roll off the pile into vegetation outside the line.
  • Keep water and hand tools ready in case your fire should spread.
  • Stay with all outdoor fires until they are completely out.
  • Avoid burning when your smoke will be bothersome to neighbors or sensitive locations such as highways.
Items that are NOT legal to burn in Tennessee:
  • Tires & other Rubber Products
  • Plastics
  • Paper products & cardboard
  • Paints & Chemicals
  • Aerosol and Food cans
  • Mobile Homes & Buildings
  • Building materials
  • Copper & electrical wires
  • Household trash & garbage
  • Leaves & trees not grown at burn site
  • Asphalt shingles & oils
  • Clothing & furniture.
For proper disposal methods for these materials, click here and scroll to the bottom.
Information you provide to the Tennessee Division of Forestry is subject to public records laws and may be disclosed to third parties upon request.
The information you provide must be to the best of your knowledge. Intentionally providing misleading or inaccurate information will render your permit invalid.  You may view wildfire related laws at'

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